Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Ambtion to Knit A Lot of New Stuff

This week, the only thing I have been doing is starting new projects!! Every day for the past few days, I have been starting new projects. All the projects are from the 60 Quick Knits Book. This is because I am trying to beat Brittany on how many of them I make (actually, that is not true, we are trying to knit the entire book together.) I am probably starting a bunch of knitting projects because I am so excited about how we are knitting the entire book.

Also, in a week, I will be going to California to Stitches West, where there will be tons of knitting opportunities to be seen soon! I'll be working at the Interlacements knitting booth with Zoe, Tanya and Tracy. Tracy and I meet in 2008 at Loops and Links. She was doing a sock demonstration for Shana. I loved the socks. Zoe and Tracy kept in contact over the years. In 2010, Zoe, Tanya and I went to Stitches Midwest. We meet up with Tracy and she invited us to help her with the booth at Stitches West in Santa Clara, California! We have been working hard on prepping for the show! I have done some organizing, modeling and making a sample for the show.

Interlacement Yarns...LOVE ALL OF IT!

Modeling for Tracy! Awesome huh?

I'm loving all of the projects that I have started over the week! Here are pictures of the projects that I have started this week:

#26 Basketweave Scarf

I'm making the Basketweave scarf out of Nashua Creative Focus Worsted Olive Green Yarn. I love the feeling of the yarn between my fingers. I don't like the basketweave stitch because it hurts my hands. I will be blocking this project after I'm done because it is too difficult to keep the stitches in a nice straight line.

#52 Cabled Hat

I'm making this out of Berant Alpaca Yarn. This hat is a work in progress, but it knitted up quickly! Cathie, my co-worker at SNC Parish, asked me to make her something to keep her face warm as well as her head. I love the graph and it is easy to follow! This was the project I was working on during the Superbowl (GO PACKERS!) I'm having such a hard time making the bobbles. I had my friend Zoe teach me how to make them. Thankfully, she's near by so she can help me out whenever I need it!

#59 XOXO Mittens (I'm restarting these!)

I started these in the summer, but quite frankly, I didn't make them correctly so I had to rip them out. Now I am working on the other mitten. I'm using Encore Chunky. Since the are XOXO mittens, they are being made in red, in honor of Valenine's Day.

#45 Bunny Mittens

I'm working on these because I have the urge to make mittens again. I'm using recycled yarn (Nashua Paradise Alpaca) from SPIN to make these puppies...I mean bunnies...

That is all for now!

Don't forget to go look at my other blog that I am making with Brittany. Our blog, Knitting 60 Projects from 60 Quick Knits is all about our adventures in making all 60 patterns from the book! Brittany and I are determined to make the dream come true, so feel free to take a look at it while we are on that journey!


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Em and Brittany said...

I like the cabled hat so far. It is coming out really nicely :).