Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sweaters Take Forever to Make!

My latest knitting sprees have consisted of 1/2 sweaters and 1/2 a pair of socks or mittens. They are quite exciting. I have neglected the knitter blog and I apolgize!!! It has been...wow...a year??? The current sweater I am working on is from the Freedom Spirit Wool Catolge. I am quite impressed with the book. It is one of my favorites, the only downside is it takes FOREVER to make anything!! Although I have been getting a lot better and sitting and working at something. My knitting has gotten a lot better, and more even. My first sweater took some literties, after all it was my first sweater. I broke some needles and cried a lot...but now it looks wondeful!! I can't wait to wear it again! (I need a new blouse because is wayyyyyy to short...I don't want people to see my fat crawling out of me;))

I still go to Loops and Links quite often. After all, they have THE BEST yarn, but tomorrow I am going to adventure to Patti's Yarn Shop. I never went there and I always wanted to try it out. Just to see what the place is like. Hopefully she has Freedom Spirit Yarn:)
That is all for now.