Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sundae Hat has been quite a while and I apologize. Instead of having the opportunity to write about my knitting experiences I have been knitting like crazy. This is my most recent knitting experience. It is a Lisa and Kate Beret Hat. The yarn used is Sundae Yarn From Berroco. It contains a bran new knitting stitch known as the modified Linen Stitch. At first the stitch looked like crap, and I was quite worried it would end up as a disaster, but after doing a few rounds (stuck in a car in Packer traffic) I was able to finally see my pattern working!!!! I decided to not cut the strings in the yarn and just tie them behind each other instead. The inside of the hat won't ever be seen by the outside world (it's not a reversable hat!) therefore, it won't be a big deal there is a wounded up strings of yarn inside my hat. My one worry about this hat is that the brim won't hold up. I am thinking of getting some ribbon to help tie the hat onto my head...or something. I won't know until I have finished the hat.

That's all for now.
Peace out.