Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Art Of...

WOW! Has it BEEN A WEEK or what?

Last weekend was quite an adventure. Our annual SNC Parish Dinner Dance was last weekend. My friend Brigid and I went hoping to have a blast like last year! It was a lot of fun, although not as many people as last year. Last year was the 40th year the Parish was open, so everybody went all out. There were priests dancing to the disco and the eldery doing the Cha Cha Slide.

Brigid and I at the dance
Francis and I at the dance. Don't I look like a million bucks??

In other news, nothing too much going on, except for that trip that I am taking!!! I am so excited! My friends, Zoe, Tanya and Tracy are boarding the airplane in only a few hours! (While I am stuck here trying to find references and finish up homework.) I packed my bags last night. Last night it seemed that my friends were having issues packing all of their things, but not me. I actually had room in my stuff last night to pack more...but I won't. And I am going to take out some more clothes. I don't need ALL that stuff, after all, I am going to be gone for only a few days.

Since I am working with Interlacements, I figured it would be best to knit with some Interlacement Yarn. I packed ALL my Interlacement Yarn (which isn't much right now) in my brown back pack. I still have some room, which is great because I want to have room for making purchases! I want to buy some yarn I used for my Mod-Cable Mittens (so I can make a mod cabled hat and scarf...although I probably won't get that done for a while because of my 60 Quick Knits Resolution)

I am currently working on a bulky shrug to wear at Stitches. I am almost done with it, except I need to get some 10 or 10.5DPNS to knit with for the sleeves and finish the top with some 2x2 ribbing.

As you can see it is a pretty quick knit. This is the Knitting Pure and Simple Bulky Shrug Pattern. I knitted this shrug with Interlacements (no surprise there) Toasty Toes Turkish Color. I love the feeling of Toasty Toes in my hands. It is very smooth but it is a great "meat and potatoes" type of yarn. All 475 yards of the stuff.

I actually knitted this project in about a week, but because of school and my New Years Resolution, I slowed down the speed I have been working on this project. It didn't hurt that I am too broke to buy my own DPNS. I doubled the Toasty Toe's yarn to make the colors in the pattern look retro. I love the colors although the shrug looks a little TOO purple for my taste (I like warm colors over cool colors.)

That's all for now!

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Brittany De Laruelle said...

Yay purple! booo warm colors. Cool colors are where it is at!! Purple, green, and blue the best colors out there.