Thursday, December 30, 2010

Now That I Have a Break...

Me and my family enjoying our Christmas!!

Now that I have time to actually enjoy my Christmas break (i.e. no needing to rush into any church or go to any school...) I have time to enjoy my knitting and blog about it once again. Yippie!

My most recent knitting adventure consists of the Mod Cable Mittens from Jeanne (Sourire11 on Ravelry).

The yarn I am using is from Stitches 2010. It is called Zitron Opus 1, 100% Merino and organic. I bought the yarn after falling in love with it and the knitting pattern at Stitches 2010. It was the first purchase I made on the Saturday and I did not regret purchasing it! I made the first mitten during the Jeopardy Freshman Day at SNC but because of my schedule and everybody's love for Waffle Mittens, I did not have time to make mitten 2. Now, that I am done with living in either the Mulva or Resurrection Catholic Parish/Old Saint Joes' Parish. I want to make something for myself for a change.

Other knitting adventures include the famous Sharon Socks.

A few years ago my mom was trying to find somebody who could restore a Christmas tape that she made the year her father died, back in 1974. She wanted it perserved on a CD. Sharon's son, Matt does that kind of work and was telling me she wished she knew somebody who could repair her socks she got from her grandmother. It was her last pair of socks and she was sad because they kept her so warm. I launched a plan, I would call Shana from Loops and Links (does anybody remember when we used to go there...ALL THE TIME because it was so COOL???) and took her sock making class. Three class times later, I walked out of Loops with a Sock Pattern, free Marble Worsted and sized 6 DPNS. Ever since that Christmas, I have knitted socks for Sharon. This year, Sharon got Interlacement Toasty Toe Socks, which was the first project I worked on with Interlacements. It was the first pair that got finished with more than 6 hours before I gave them to her.

Finally, I took one more break from 60 Quicks Knits and knitted Spruce Tree Mittens for a girlfriend in class. (I won't specifiy her name because I am not sure if she gave them to her sister yet.)

I loved the yarn. I have no idea what kind of yarn I used. She gave me a skein of yarn that wasn't marked. It was a beautiful Alpaca Pink yarn. I have not found this yarn anywhere, but perhaps I will one day. It beats the cotton yarn I am using to make the Very Cabled Mittens for Tammy. (I heart Tammy but I can't stand cotton!!!) I have to say, I was not happy with this pattern. The knitting pattern was difficult to follow and the thumb was the strangest design ever. I didn't get the right mitten correct and had to end up adding more stitches to make the cabled designed not looking like it got yanked over a few rows.

Finally Tim's siblings gave me plenty of yarn... Red Heart Green and Red, Vanna's Choice and JoAnn's Sensations: Kashmira Pattern.

I will be making an Xmas Stocking out of the Red Heart Yarn, but not for a while. I have idea what I will do with Vanna's Choice. I think I will be making interchangeable mittens with the Kashmira Pattern Yarn.

Other than that, I have been scrapbooking and cleaning the craft room!!! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!