Sunday, January 10, 2010


ALL DONE! I am so excited!!!! Isn't it absolutely positively gorgeous!?! I am so proud of myself I am going to give myself a pat on the back!

Isn't it beautiful? I think so! It's the perfect length! What makes it even cooler is beginning to be too big on me! So I can smuggle into it even if I have multiple layers on beneath me:)

It took a long ass time! According to Ravelry, I casted on to make this beautiful sweater almost an entire year ago. The actual date is Jan. 16th, 2009 and I finished the beautiful monster today, January 10th, 2010. :)

I remember working on this thing thinking, "I'm never going to get this little _)#@($#@)$# done!" I remember Shana holding my last ball of yarn after finding this marble chunky out of pure luck. I remember Donna helping me make the hoodie part of the sweater while Zoe helped me fix my magick loop needle problem on the sleeves. This is the one project I feel really REALLY good about! Everybody and their mother says it's a beautiful masterpiece. I hear Nancy going "mmmmmhmmmm yummy" about this sweater.

It wasn't that I was lazy, I remember dragging this thing all over town, to all the UWGB Basketball games, the car trips I would take, in between masses, Loop Group, FNKC, etc, etc, etc. But after awhile, st st gets a little tiring. The project gets to be a little heavy to carry around...and well...all those other pretty yarns just look too tempting to start working with. Oh and that craft fair that I did this year! ...all too busy to really work on anything else! So the sweater had to be resurrected after I finished all those Xmas Gifts and other stuff! After all, it is national knit for ME month!! :)

Now that it is done, what will I do now?

...cast on another!?!? Muhahaha...not for a while at least:) I have no money so I need to save up and buy another big batch of yarn to make this hot sweater again!

Here are the buttons I am planning on sewing onto it!
Toggles? Good idea huh? This photo is not from my personal collection but it will do the trick just the same!!! I am going to need Nancy to help me sew these things on! I always sew on really shitty-like buttons. And quite frankly, I've worked hard on my knitted sweater! So therefore I am NOT going to mess it up by having shitty sewn on buttons!!!

That's all for now...back to knitting!


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Devil of a Scarf Known as Noro/FakeNoro=Done

Look how LONG this thing is! Ahh! It took me three times to get a semi-decent photo of me with this long, long, scarf! It is about seven feet long!!!!!!
A close up of the awesomeness of this scarf. Did a little editing to make it look cool.
These two photos show the colors and intensity of this very long scarf. This scarf is great to keyhole because it still has length plus the width makes this scarf a very warm and happy scarf!

Finally, after MONTHS of knitting, knitting, knitting (in garter stitch no less) and striping, striping, striping, the wait is finally over! YES!!!! My scarf, the famous Noro/Fake Noro Scarf, which is over 7 feet, is done!!! It took long enough. About three months in the making, however, I can finally wear it proudly in public. (Instead of knitting it in public.)

I really enjoyed making this scarf. It was great to do something completely mindless. It was a great project to take on the road because I never had to think about this project. That is, until I made a mistake. I knitted four rows of one of the colors. I was upset because I didn't notice this error until about six or seven inches past. I didn't want to tear it out so I kept going. Only problem is, everybody kept making comments about it. (That and the fact that "The one at the Yarn Shop has RIBBING. Oh excuse me, I don't do everything the yarn shop knitters do. I am an individual at times!) Thankfully, Barbara gave me an answer. She told me to keep on doing that every so often. So I did that. It was a blessing in disguise. I now had something to look forward too.

The only thing other "difficult" thing I had to do was switch yarn back and forth. Sometimes that got frustrating because the yarn would get all tangled up. I struggled many times with trying to make sure the yarn didn't get all caught up I hated the damn thing in my bag because the yarn would take up all my knitting bag's space.

However, as of 1AM today, the thing is done. I can now wear it tomorrow when I go buy a pair of Kakhi's with Niki Sinkula.