Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Week Looking Up (in Terms for Yarn)

So I had the best Sunday ever!

I went up with Tanya and Zoe to do some work for Tracy. While Tanya and Zoe had the pleasure sorting through knitted garments adding buttons and price tags to them, I decided to take up the master task of organizing Tracy's dye collection. This was not an easy task. Tracy was explaining how she always wanted her back shed organized. Zoe and Tanya looked a little concerned, but I smiled with delight. Hey, I am going to be a kindergarten teacher one day, I HAVE to be organized otherwise I'll never make it as a teacher...you know? So I yanked out the label maker and got to work. I learned a lot about color as well as how dying actually works.

I got to see all the undeyed wool and learned about which undyed wool with what colors becomes what yarn for Interlacements. Many of Tracy's yarn are named after states such as Kansas, Hawaii, Alaksa, Colorado etc. (Sadly there is no Wisconsin...WTF!?!?!) This truly inspired me to consider dying my own yarn one day after I fulfill the dream of graduating from a school with a degree...which I hope to do in May 2012!!! But a girl can dream right? Dream big is how things happen! And who knows-- maybe I will get to choose the colorway and dye with it for the yarn Wisconsin--ha.ha! I learned that it takes different dye to dye different types of yarn. I worked on fixing up the Wool dye, but next time, I'll be hammering away at fixing up the Cotton dye. I cannot wait. We are going again in a few weeks.

Believe it or not, I'm more excited about fixing up the back of Tracey's garage than pricing garments. Pricing things is not my tea, however, I did have the chance to price some things. I felt that they were pretty decent prices; we shall see how much they sell at the Sheep and Wool Festival next Sunday. I wish I could go--but naturally, I, being a Church Musician, have to work.

By the end of the day, I was stating to tell my friends which dye was made for which yarn. I got to take home 2 skeins of Kansass, a skien of New York and some random yarn that Tracy claims was poorly dyed (I've yet to see how it was poorly dyed--it is so beautiful). I showed my boss which dyes were used to make which yarns and she thought I was nuts...but that's normal for her to think;) I have been holding it in my hands while watching Family Guy for the past two days. I wanted to call my girlfriend Brittany up before I would wind up the yarn (she likes to watch me wind yarn) but I couldn't wait for her to become free so I wound it last night. My parents have been concerned about how much I am obsessed with this yarn. My mother thinks I need a new hobby, but when I mentioned to her I all ready scrapbook, knit, blog, do photoshoots, work 4 jobs and attend school full time, that I do need my downtime even if it consists of holding balls of yarn and watching Family Guy.

My knitting friends had a chuckle about it too... but I had the biggest chuckle of all--on the way home I blew my nose and Emerald Green came out---two days later, I still got Emerald Green coming out of my nose. I laugh. I hope next time I get some shade of blue!