Monday, February 21, 2011

Stitches 2011!!!!

So I finally got to go to California! Katy Perry's explanation of what California is like in the song "California Girls" is not accurate. Instead of sluty girls and melting popsicles in a world made of Candy, we got lots of rain and a nice breeze. During this time of the year it is very common for it to rain and be a little chilly. We were inside for most of the day, but since we are "stuck" here in California we will be getting some quality outside time.

Me with Flair!

I am so excited! It took a lot of work to get here (with the missing school and the affects that brought on me...) but I am so glad I am here!!!!

My weekend started with meeting team Ravelry!

We didn't spend a lot of time at the party because I just rolled into the airport moments before. Tanya and Zoe went with Tracey and I came by myself on Thursday afternoon. After a long night of delays and fog and screwed up Flight Attendants that were rude (at least on the first flight) I was ready to go to my hotel. Little did I know, our hotel, was, the evil, sadistic, Hilton.

Why didn't I like the Hilton? Well, I didn't MIND the Hilton but let me tell you about how to do quality service. First of all, if you have four people to a room and notice that they all shower, you leave enough towels and wash clothes for the people to shower. You don't leave just 2 of each when there are 4 people. Especially if you leave about 16 pillows in the room for these four people who apparently value the amount of pillows they use while sleeping over the importance and consideration of personal hygene. Secondly, when there is a line of 1,000 people at Star Bucks you have more than 1 person behind the counter. It's just common sense. Also, you don't serve people raw pancakes. It's bad for their digestive system, plus it break a lot of health codes. I know that all of these and beyond were bothering my friends; me well, I lived in a hostile for a week and peed in a bucket I had to drag up hill after paying a quarter, so honestly, I was glad I didn't have THAT problem again. HOWEVER, I'm glad we moved. Now I get Free WiFi we don't have to steal, a massage chair and 2 pillows and enough towels to bathe us.

Over the course of the weekend, I went from the quiet little working bee and became the demo-beaded-scarf girl. That's right, I taught people how to string their beads onto their Tiny Toes and New York 200. Sounds like a boring job, but it was a blast!! Zoe and Tanya were talking about how I have this energy that brings people to the booth or something. Honestly, I think they all like the yarn, not the sales rep trying to get them to spend money;) There were crowds and crowds of people watching me string beads to the yarn. WHOA!!!!

Interlacements Booth

It was cool to see people go from not interested in our booth to buying 2, 3 scarf kits. During the day, I used my teacher insight and realized that nobody was fully understanding the process. I was doing the best I could to explain the process, but nothing beats the opportunity to see something fully done. Since I couldn't do that because of lack of space/time, Tanya and I created a YouTube Tutorial on how to bead up the project. If you would like to see it please click here. We made it at about 1:30AM in the hotel lobby so please forgive me for all of my...well...Em'ness that comes with my personality.

Stitches was the first time I was able to feature my cropped sweater. It was made with the Interlacements' Toasty Toes Yarn. I kept on screwing it up at the PJ party because I was well...having a lot of fun there, and it is hard to focus when there are so many things going on.

Here is a pic of me in my sweater. It's a little hard to see. I'll post better pictures when I get home!

Us at the Party!

We had a PJ contest and a slipper contest. I didn't partake in any of them (my PJs were secretly the best and I didn't want to hoard ALL the yarn) but Zoe and Tanya did. Tanya got runner up on the slippers and Zoe didn't place when she should have.

And then the best news...I had the privilege to meet Mrs. Cascade aka Shannon at the PJ party. I explained to Shannon about the 60 Quick Knits Blog.

She fell in love with the blog and asked us to post it on the Cascade website!!! I sent a personal email to her to pass on to other cool companies such as Vogue Knitting:) Success! Yesterday our blog had over 180 hits!!! Brittany and I are estastic!

As I sit in the lounge at the Avatar hotel, I am ready to get my legs a moving and go on a nice quiet walk (or loud one if a friend joins me-either way no worries) Things are going well here! I'm sad to leave on Wednesday, thank goodness we had a few extra days here to enjoy the CA Sunshine!

Until next time!

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