Sunday, August 22, 2010

Stitches 2010

I finally went to a Stitches Convention!

I've never ever been!

It was the best weekend ever...I won about 4 balls of yarns, 60 Quick Knits Book, a tote, some pins and a few new friends! I got mega-inspired in a few new techniques; needle felting and bead knitting. Of coarse I bought some yarn as well, my mother was not too thrilled about the amount of yarn that I brought home. Little does she know that I did not bring all of my yarn home yet. My two friends Zoe and Tanya brought some of my luggage home because we couldn't carry it on the commuter train.

If you have the chance to check out a Stitches Festival (or any other festival) you should!!! (Although I'm quite sure that most of the people that read blogs know this all ready;0)

My favorite part of the trip was the PJ Party. The party took place on Friday night. Zoe, Tanya and I did our best to dress up in a creative style so we had a chance at winning some awesome door prizes! Turns out that Tanya ended up winning first place in the crazy PJ contest with her sweet Monkey PJs! I got runner up with another gal. I was wearing an "I <3 style="text-align: center;">Zoe, Me and Tanya, sitting in the lobby wearing our cool PJs!

We got to meet two nice ladies: Sue and her daughter(?). We knitted with them for a while before they returned to bed. Then we got to meet Kimberly, who was hosting the knitting party! She showed us how to spin yarn spindle. I was quite impressed. But nobody was as impressed as my friend Zoe, who was very intrigued. Turns out the next day, we were at a booth and the owner sold Zoe her last spindle with some free Rovaine on it. Very cool!

See, it kinda looks like a rock???

As for me, I decided to try some needle felting. I went to Esther's Place and did a demo project. I made a rockin' (no pun intended since it does look like a rock) I "felt" finally my art skills were coming to use in my knitting. I purchased a flower felting kit later that day for only 15.00. I needlefelted in the lobby about an hour after the purchase...I just couldn't help it!

In conclusion, if you can, go to Stitches! And who knows...maybe something good will come out of it!!

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