Saturday, August 28, 2010

Best Idea Ever!

So sometimes I don't always think things through when it comes to knitting...

This used to be a disaster...

Some of the most simple problems that I come across are solved by my friends. I tend to panic and refuse to experiment with my knitting. This is because I'd like to do the project one time and one time only. I hate making knitting mistakes because that will result in me traveling over to the Yarn Whispers' House I might as well do it right away. However, I will say to my defense is I am TRYING to experiment first and then ask for help later, you aren't going to become any better at knitting if you don't try new things first!

Anyways, one of my biggest downfalls is the fact my yarn tangles up all the time! A few weeks ago, I casted on with some beautiful lace merino wool from JJ Wool. I was quite content making my lace scarf, however, the more I knitted with my JJ Wool, the more I realized how similar it was to my James C. Bertt Marble Chunky in the fact that the yarn tends to felt on itself leaving me (and when I mean me, I mean go over to Zoe's house) to untangle the mess.

It wasn't till I went to Stitches Midwest where I met my dream come true.

The Fibersphere!!!!!!!!!

It really is "The Ultimate in Fiber Protection"

I really wanted one...but the problem was, my money was budged out to other expenses, therefore I could not purchase my own Fibersphere. Naturally, my other friend purchased her own. I decided I would eventually purchase something like the Fibersphere to help prevent me from getting all tangled up in yarn. Especially with this JJ Wool. I would knit a row and then what do you would get all tangled up...AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!!!

I was walking around the market on Saturday and the owner of The Fibersphere asked me if I was ready to purchase one yet. I didn't have the money to pay for one. The kind man agreed to a haggle and I purchased the Fibersphere for 10.00 instead of the usual 20.00...if I agreed to blog about my fibersphere experiences.

Well here I am putting up my end of the bargin. Let me tell you, since I have started using this Fibersphere on my JJ Wool Lace Scarf, I have had NO PROBLEMS with it! I repeat NO PROBLEMS! The yarn stays in its little ball and it can hop into my purse or bag ready for knitting at anytime. I can actually spend time knitting on my scarf instead of untangling yarn (or getting my friends to do it for me.) The best part of this tool is you can take your project out of it anytime...without cutting the yarn!
Why didn't anybody think of this before?

Truly the most magical knitting tool in existence! I am excited that I can complete this scarf in a timely manner because I won't be spending all day untangling yarn that decides to felt up whenever it damn well pleases!

Please purchase one if you have the chance!

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