Sunday, January 10, 2010


ALL DONE! I am so excited!!!! Isn't it absolutely positively gorgeous!?! I am so proud of myself I am going to give myself a pat on the back!

Isn't it beautiful? I think so! It's the perfect length! What makes it even cooler is beginning to be too big on me! So I can smuggle into it even if I have multiple layers on beneath me:)

It took a long ass time! According to Ravelry, I casted on to make this beautiful sweater almost an entire year ago. The actual date is Jan. 16th, 2009 and I finished the beautiful monster today, January 10th, 2010. :)

I remember working on this thing thinking, "I'm never going to get this little _)#@($#@)$# done!" I remember Shana holding my last ball of yarn after finding this marble chunky out of pure luck. I remember Donna helping me make the hoodie part of the sweater while Zoe helped me fix my magick loop needle problem on the sleeves. This is the one project I feel really REALLY good about! Everybody and their mother says it's a beautiful masterpiece. I hear Nancy going "mmmmmhmmmm yummy" about this sweater.

It wasn't that I was lazy, I remember dragging this thing all over town, to all the UWGB Basketball games, the car trips I would take, in between masses, Loop Group, FNKC, etc, etc, etc. But after awhile, st st gets a little tiring. The project gets to be a little heavy to carry around...and well...all those other pretty yarns just look too tempting to start working with. Oh and that craft fair that I did this year! ...all too busy to really work on anything else! So the sweater had to be resurrected after I finished all those Xmas Gifts and other stuff! After all, it is national knit for ME month!! :)

Now that it is done, what will I do now?

...cast on another!?!? Muhahaha...not for a while at least:) I have no money so I need to save up and buy another big batch of yarn to make this hot sweater again!

Here are the buttons I am planning on sewing onto it!
Toggles? Good idea huh? This photo is not from my personal collection but it will do the trick just the same!!! I am going to need Nancy to help me sew these things on! I always sew on really shitty-like buttons. And quite frankly, I've worked hard on my knitted sweater! So therefore I am NOT going to mess it up by having shitty sewn on buttons!!!

That's all for now...back to knitting!


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