Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Isn't Exactly About Knitting...But It is About Something Else I Love

I love music. With my whole head, heart and soul. Music has a deep meaning for me. When I was a kid, I had a very hard time expressing myself. Music can express how I'm feeling, many times better than I personally can. I've played piano all my life. I started flute in 5th grade, but kind of fell out of it in college. I started organ at the age of 14 and have been in love since.

I try very hard to not let idiots get to me, especially when they are ripping on my music. It is sad that I work for TWO parishes, and I hear so many negative things about how I play. Sometimes, yes I truly deserve to get picked on (like the time I was chewing gum...that was just dumb on E's part.) However, I have been picked on for tempos, my experience for playing and very recently, for being "too close" to the cantor. Sadly this is a realization of church life that musicians must get past.

I may not be the absolute best piano player out there, but I try very hard to do what I do well. I can only hope that the people I work for appreciate the hard work I put into all forms of my music.

It is a shame that not all my friends have always taken an interest in my music. At UWGB, many of my friends never heard my music. It wasn't until my friends Nina and Mark got married did some of my close friends from UWGB even hear my organ talents, however they seemed very impressed, so the wait was surly worth it. And who knows, a few of them aren't married yet;) And it wasn't until I dragged my poor knitting friends to the worst venue to play at (known as the Village Grill) did that group of friends get to see another side of me as well.

I love my grand pianos...

So I decided to post a little of my music up on my blog here so all my good friends can listen to my music. My good friend Joe Stawicki and I have an obsession for Christmas Music. I know that sounds strange, but we like to go into the practice rooms and do some Christmas duets. One of us will make up parts while the other will keep the melody going. We take turns so we both have the opportunity to do both parts.

Probably the Best Slideshow Ever...

My other friend, Brigid, agreed to help me record some Church music for my mom for her birthday. We recorded 10 songs in 2 hours...we were both very pleased with our music too. To see that slideshow/music please go to this link:

Blest Are They

Finally, I recorded some of Nina and Marks' wedding music with Maggie Walsingham on vocals. (Let's face it--no matter what Jennifer McAllister says, I do not, will not, and can ever not be an amazing singer. I have other gifts God has given me, but singing is NOT one of those...) This is the link to the slideshow to the Wedding with music!

McCormick Wedding: The Prayer

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my music!


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