Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Devil of a Scarf Known as Noro/FakeNoro=Done

Look how LONG this thing is! Ahh! It took me three times to get a semi-decent photo of me with this long, long, scarf! It is about seven feet long!!!!!!
A close up of the awesomeness of this scarf. Did a little editing to make it look cool.
These two photos show the colors and intensity of this very long scarf. This scarf is great to keyhole because it still has length plus the width makes this scarf a very warm and happy scarf!

Finally, after MONTHS of knitting, knitting, knitting (in garter stitch no less) and striping, striping, striping, the wait is finally over! YES!!!! My scarf, the famous Noro/Fake Noro Scarf, which is over 7 feet, is done!!! It took long enough. About three months in the making, however, I can finally wear it proudly in public. (Instead of knitting it in public.)

I really enjoyed making this scarf. It was great to do something completely mindless. It was a great project to take on the road because I never had to think about this project. That is, until I made a mistake. I knitted four rows of one of the colors. I was upset because I didn't notice this error until about six or seven inches past. I didn't want to tear it out so I kept going. Only problem is, everybody kept making comments about it. (That and the fact that "The one at the Yarn Shop has RIBBING. Oh excuse me, I don't do everything the yarn shop knitters do. I am an individual at times!) Thankfully, Barbara gave me an answer. She told me to keep on doing that every so often. So I did that. It was a blessing in disguise. I now had something to look forward too.

The only thing other "difficult" thing I had to do was switch yarn back and forth. Sometimes that got frustrating because the yarn would get all tangled up. I struggled many times with trying to make sure the yarn didn't get all caught up I hated the damn thing in my bag because the yarn would take up all my knitting bag's space.

However, as of 1AM today, the thing is done. I can now wear it tomorrow when I go buy a pair of Kakhi's with Niki Sinkula.

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