Saturday, July 29, 2006

I am very sorry it took me a while toanother blog! It has been crazy at my house. My mom and dad drive me MAD! They think that knit way too much! Haha, truth is, I probably do.

I am having the hardest time post more pics than one so I will post more in a following blog. For now this is a pic of me with the hat.

I made the hat from Debbie Stroller's StichnBitch Nation (the pattern is called Jellybean Hat) The hat is very cute and very popular with whoever saw the hat. And while I am I true devoted fan of Debbie Stroller, I do have several problems with the pattern that I used. First of all the knitter did not make her hat long enough. The Jellybean hat does not cover your ears if you follow the pattern excatly! I had to extend the length of my hat after I decreaed several times (and since there is cabeling in it, it would have been maddening to frog part of it) Before you decrease I recemmened repeating the cable pattern until the hat is about seven inches long! It will save you some grief. Notice how the hat doesn't compelty cover my ears! If you want it to cover your ears make sure you have abot seven inches before you start to shape the top of the hat. And I also rememmend adding the cute pom-pom on the top; it really add spaz to the hat.

I used Knit This Patterns & Instructions pattern to make the mittens. The problem with this pattern is that the seam is on your palm, which isn't very comfortable. My first attempt with this pattern I somehow made the seam on my left side but I don't remember how I did it! Currently I am working on a pattern for mittens on straight needles (for those who want to make something new without learning how to work on double pointed needles) with the seam on the side of the mitten. In the meantime, I highly recemmed using a different pattern than the one I used for the mittens.

The scarf pattern I created myself. This scarf is HUGE but it is a very cozy scarf. It also doesn't take that long after you learn the pattern. It took me about four hours (with a lot of stopping)

Big Loop Scarf:
Total Length: 70 inches (without tassels)
about 100 inches (with tassels)

Yarn Used: Jo-Ann Exclusive Sensations Life 45% Wool 42% Nylon and 13% acrylic approx 44 yards

Size 15 or 17 size needles
1 Crochet hook size K or up

CO 10 stiches
*k2, yo 2 times* rep from * to end

Follow Knitting pattern:
Row 1: **k2, drop yo stiches** rep from ** to end
Row 2: *k2, yo 2 times* rept from * to end, strech out yarn

Repeat row 1 and 2 remembereing to strech out yarn after row 2 until piece is 60 inches CO.

Cut 40 strips of yarn that are approx 20 inches long. Fold two pieces over and attach with a crochet hook.


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