Friday, June 23, 2006

More Tips For Double Pointed Needles:

For those who are still confused here are some things I found out after posting the first blog. These are things I've never seen written down in a book, so be prepared for some awkard twists!

When you are casting on cast on one more stich than necessary, then when you knit for the first time, slip off that stich to your right needle (saying you are right handed) and then knit your first stich and then drag your first stich over and drop it inbetween the two needles, as if you were casting off

Whenever you are knitting the first stich make sure you end with a purl on each needle. If you purl your first stich on your new needle you will add a stich. If you get to the end of one of your needles and you have to purl next, simply slip another loop onto that needle and purl it. Then switch needles. YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO THIS FOR THE FIRST ROUND

When ribbing your own pattern, try to stick with k1, p1, trust me it is a lot easier than k2, p2. Especially if you have uneven stiches going on.

Attempt not to panic when working for the first time with the needles...pratice pratice PRATICE is the virtual key!

I'll be posting pics sooon about each of these techniques. Give me about a week!


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