Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't Wait... Finish Those $&#*@)&$# Sweaters! [No Matter What!]

The guinea pigs are squeaking again... they are singing to each other this time, I am so happy about that.  Somedays those two don't get along.  When Pickles and Peanut finally get along, I smile.  ANYWAYS----->Today's knitting adventures were small for me.  I finally resurrected the "Somewhat Cowl" (see left) sweater from over a year ago.  Funny story with that sweater, I was knitting it when I met my {ex} boyfriend A.J.  I wanted to finish it and wear it on our one year... well we didn't even make it to six months.  It was really cool that we did hook up on leap day... but that's all.  below is a photograph of the sweater length when I met him.  I worked very hard on it and then after he dumped me I putted it away in my yarn collection...never to be made again.  Then I found how I had a full "looper" card (20 bucks of yarn at the cost of $0!!) and I realized I wanted to spend money on yarn and get something useful out of it.  So I picked up the rest of the yarn that I needed and went home to work on the sweater.  It was hard to find out where I was but after some fixing I got myself to the boring part.  Boy I found how important it is to take notes on your projects and finish them in decent time frame.  This is because you will forget what you did!  I know I did.  I am looking at this bolero, (see below, I'm sure you all remember that pic, it was featured in a few blogs ago:)) it is a beautiful bolero, made with Freedom Wool Yarn (same brand as the Somewhat Cowl's Sweater but in brown)  but I don't remember what I did to the sleeve, it looks different from what it should be, so now i have to figure it out.  Geeze I might have to rip it out and do it again.... not fun.  Thankfully this green sweater that I am working on is simple, it is a top down sweater so I just need to knit, knit, knit until I am to my waist.  Knitting on a size 7 in the round for many more inches will take sometime, so thankfully I don't have to worry about alternating the pattern until I am at that point;)  Moral of the story: take notes on your knitting and follow the instructions to the T as much as possible!  They are there for a reason;) It makes sense, yet I fail.  That' me you know, I try to do something different b/c I am convinced it will be eaisier and then things are actually harder.  Why do I do that to myself?  I also hope I don't come across as "preachy" b/c I am trying not to be.  I like to rant to something, and what better way to rant or reflect or whatever but on a blog!!!!  


Britter Critters said...

i love your new background with the music notes and whatnot :) Thanks for following me too :)

Emily said...

thanks!!! Your blog is pretty sweet too!!!