Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Visiting Jenni+Bringing a Pattern on a Greyhound

Off to MN...

I am going to MN to visit my best friend for New Years!  This means that I have to take something to knit on the way up...I am working on some socks.  After all they are the easiest to knit on a trip, especially when all you do is just simple rounds for hours and hours in a car.  That way you don't have to struggle with reading patterns or following a chart...gr.  Last time I took the DJ bag up with MN and worked on it for an extensive time, it wasn't too hard to work on because there was plenty of room, but since I am going in a car I wanted to have something smaller and less difficult and more familiar to work on...but don't fret...I am working on a chart for the ride home, when I am on the greyhound for 8 hours...gr.

Happy New Years!


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